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Who have trouble or gets nervous when choosing an outfit for marriage? I will not lie, I’m always in doubt of what to wear. I try to be as simple as possible, without losing the femininity. But we know that has a personal clueless, grooms spend some money to make the feast of dreams, dream of this special day, where they will share this special moment with family, friends and aggregates, and that is clueless that will Jeans, tennis, Polo shirt and glasses in the head, will you use this look to your barbecue this weekend. And she comes, that clueless going pasted dress can not even walk, mega high heels, or worse when she decides not to wear white. Please People a little notion. So I follow a few rules that I find super convenient and works for me. I posted another look marriage Check HERE.

1. Simplicity

2. Neutral colors

3. Less is more

4. Always remember that the bride is the center of attention not you.

5. Remember that the couple will marry once, then put some effort in choosing your look. 






And what do you think of this look and tips? I already contains were at some wedding that had a guest who was dressed in pagodeiro? Or that tart going dressed like that is going to baile funk? Remembering NOTHING against FUNK or PAGODE I even short some songs, but let’s leave these outfits out of the wedding party.


Vestido Chichi/ Brincos H&M/ Shoes: FitzPatrick & Óculos: Rayban

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