Within so much love in my hurt I come to share with you one of the most requested videos on my experience as a mother of a trilingual baby. When we research the trilingual in internet is a subject that is not very aborted and exploited, so I decided to share with you my experience.

Remember: I’m no expert, I just follow my mother ‘s instincts to know that my son is privileged to have been born in a home with 3 different languages, why not explore this gift.

To clarify for those who are new to my blog, I am Brazilian married to French and currently we live in Ireland a country that speaks English.

Warning: Be careful Lucas sings the ABC song in Portuguese and his voice has the power to melt your heart ♡

If you are curious to know how I manage the 3 languages in my house and more about this subject click on the video below.☟

Moms first trip or not remember, no mother is perfect we do everything to give the best education for our babies. What I say on the video are rules their are my experience  and we all know that each child has their learning and development time.

Never compare your child, but find out who he is and what he likes and what is the best for him to develop the speech skills. If you have any difficulty or concern talk to a doctor he will advise you.

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I hope you guys like this post. Please leave your comments below with your thoughts and tell me what you’d like to see here on the blog. Don’t forget to share your experience with me, I love learning and try different methods of teaching Lucas.

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