Hello People!!

For you who does not know my mum is over from Brasil, of course I could not leave her out of my videos. We decided to record a video answering question from my childhood.


I feel blessed to be able to record this moment, if you have your mum living near you be grateful because we just realize how important they are when you leave.

Come and check it up!

01. How was I when I was a child?

02. What do you think of my videos?

03. Say something funny that I’ve done when I was a child;

04. Have you learned anything about makeup/beauty with me?

05. Say a strange habit of mine;

06. If you had to change my name, what would it be?

07. When do we go out to eat what I always ask for?

08. Say one thing you would like me to do;

09. What do I do that bothers you the most?

10. Say something that I’m obsessed with.

Leave me suggestions of tags and videos that you would like to see here on the channel.

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  • Jordana Cristina November 8, 2016  

    Aiin q amo vcs duas viu,essa super maezona q tu tem Dani,ate imagino a sdd e falta imensa q tu deve sentir dela e ela de vc ,do Luquinha,mas enfim agora q ela esta ai gata ,é aproveitar cada segundo ao maximo ao lado de um dos seus maiores tesouro da sua vida,aproveitem e curtam bastante cada momento suas lindas.

    • Daniela Brousse September 20, 2017  

      Obrigada querida!!!! ela e maravilhosa sem palavras por ter uma mae tao presente. beijos

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