Look of the day: All jeans

We all know that the Jeans are super trendy now, we all have seen it on Fashion Weeks. Jeans came back to be our look for day or even night.

I know that there are people who still thinking that mothers should not wear short shorts. I’m a mom but I didn’t become a nun.

My TIP is, if you are wearing a short shorts you don’t need to wear a  low-cut blouse. Of course its not a obligation you should wear what you feel good in.

I wore this look to go for walk with my baby in town, short jeans, denim shirt and nude sandals, as I said on My other post if you have seen it click here, I love Sandals but don’t wear them as I don’t like my feet, but those sandals cover them pretty well.

Jeans1 Jeans2 Jeans3

As some mums and ants requests, I am gonna post sometimes Lucas look. He is wearing brown jeans, college jacket and brown shoes. All the credits will be at the end of this post.

Jeans4 Jeans5 Jeans6 Jeans7 Jeans8 Jeans9 Jeans10

Credits: Shorts Jeans Zara / Sandalia: Clarks / Bolsa: Louis Vuitton

Lucas: Jeans: Pennys / Sapato: Pumpikin/ Jaqueta: Next

What did you guys think? Do you like my look and Lucas Look?

Don’t forget to leave your comments bellow with posts and videos you would like to see here.

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Dany 🙂

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