Hello beautiful people!

The post today is all about my queen my mum, I get loads of questions asking where I got the hair from and my answer is “I GOT FROM MY MUM’ the curly is from my mum and the afro from my daddy.

As you can see on the video my mum has a straight root and I am very afro on my root. Got sometime to accept my hair was not like hers. After 3 years of natural hair I have to say, give a chance to your hair and to yourself to see how beautiful you are.

I decided to record with my mum 5 easy updo hair for all curly and afro short hair, if you like it don’t forget to give thumbs and subscribe.


I hope you guys enjoy it, I know it’s not in english but I am sure you can learn something.


By the way it was the first time my mum had a full makeup, she is 55 years old even though she is not dark in my country they didn’t have her shade.

She felt so beautiful as you can see her smile all the way through the record, it was priceless to see.



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